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About me, If you want to know me read here

Hello there, I'm Shahnaz Hatami, a passionate programmer and entrepreneur. With a Bachelor's degree in Statistics from Azad Kermanshah University and an M.S. in Industrial Engineering and System Management from Azad Arak University, I've honed my skills in data mining, classification, clustering, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies. Through my journey, I've developed expertise in both supervised and unsupervised methods, as well as networks, and I'm continuously pursuing my interest in information security. My goal is to inspire others to pursue their passions and make a positive impact in the world.

Research interest

My experiences in a career and study make me interested in following data science and artificial intelligence technologies my research is on big data, data mining, classification algorithms by MCDM methods, clustering, data analysis, unsupervised methods, and image processing to some extent, and also I am interested in networks and information security.

My study


My Publication, If you want to know more read here

1. Evaluation and Ranking feature selection and Classification Algorithms by MCDM Methods. Not published Due to the delay in publication. Shahnaz Hatami*, Mohammad Ali Keramati. 2015.

Purpose: In this paper, the best feature methods and classification algorithms are determined in each database by the MCDM tool (like VICOR and TOPSIS) and then evaluated and ranked.

2. The Role of Data Mining in the Agricultural Industry and Medicinal Plants. International Conference on Biology of Medicinal Plants in Iran. Shahnaz Hatami*, Soheila Hatami, Mohammad Ali Keramati, Mohammad Sadegh Horri, Habibullah Javanmard, Mohammad-Bagher Rezaee. 2023.

Purpose: In this research specified a specific technique of data mining (including classification, clustering, association rules, and regression) in different episodes of agriculture, such as soil classification, forecasting climate change, and such by classification algorithms (Including decision trees, artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, and such).

3. Climate change and the significance of data mining in big data analysis for environmental sustainability. Published in International congress of sustainable natural resources medicinal plants and knowledge-based production in Iran. Neda Rezaei, Shahnaz Hatami, Firoozeh Hatami. 2023.

Purpose: Datamining algorithms like classification, clustering, regression, Frequent item set or pattern mining, and data visualization on influential climate change factors are the focus of this research.

4. From big data to conservation, exploring the value of forests. Linnaeus University conference in Växjö. Shahnaz Hatami*, Mohammad Ali Keramati, Firoozeh Hatami. 2023.

Purpose: I described a solution by applying machine learning to big data to detect and monitor forest damage.

5. Data Mining Approach in the Agricultural Industry, Medicinal Plants (case study); A Review. Journal of Medicinal Plants and By-products. Shahnaz Hatami*, Mohammad Hatami-B, Danial Kahrizi. 2024.

Purpose: The article was presented the most effective data analysis methods in the agriculture and natural resources areas, focusing specifically on the medicinal plant industry, accompanied by their corresponding algorithms.

6. OR (Operation Research) book (Published in Ghalamchi Institute in Iran)

7. English Language book (Published in Ghalamchi Institute in Iran)

8. Studying the environmental costs of producing renewable and non-renewable power plants in Iran. International Conference.

Purpose: Economic study of the production of renewable and non-renewable power plants in Iran using the estimation of environmental costs.Neda Rezaei*, Shahnaz Hatami. 2023.

Shahnaz Hatami

My name is Shahnaz Hatami


  • Machine learning
  • Image big data
    climate Change
  • Image Deep learning
    Algorithms and decision making
  • Image Results
    Integration of patterns


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